Support for IP addressable antennas has been available for years with SpectralNet. Now, with OpenSpace Channelizer and Combiner’s production release, frequencies are IP addressable and routable. This functionality splits high bandwidth signals received at the antenna into smaller signals, routing them across the ground dynamically for service delivery, mission downlink, and RF analysis in the cloud. An essential component in the #DigitalTransformation of Satellite Ground Operations.

Carmel Ortiz, VP of Systems Innovation at Intelsat, commented:

“We are supporting our customer’s growing connectivity needs for high-speed and reliable coverage on a global scale by enabling software-defined capabilities across our network. Working in concert with our dynamic satellites, the OpenSpace Channelizer and Combiner as part of the OpenSpace Platform will help us accelerate the provisioning of new connectivity services and respond to traffic spikes in a matter of seconds.”

The full press release is available here – Virtualized Channelizer/Combiner.

Originally posted on LinkedIn – OpenSpace Channelizer and Combiner

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