The Digital Skies

Digital Transformation of Satellite Ground Stations

Developments over the last six years have made the digital transformation of the satellite ground station possible and necessary. The proliferation of non-geostationary satellites (NGSOs), also known as low earth orbit satellites (LEOs), the software-defined techniques adopted by geostationary (GEO) and medium earth satellites (MEOs), and the emergence of RF digitization and virtualization techniques in the satellite ground station have all come to maturity at the same time to enable the digital transformation of the satellite ground station.

This site provides resources to understand the technology required to transform the satellite gateway into the digital realm and the impact on space business. Business models will change as the space industry continues to adopt virtualization, software-defined networking, and industry networking standards (such as those used in 5G networks), creating opportunities for new companies and challenging the incumbents’ businesses.

There are two main areas of the space ecosystem moving to software-defined networking techniques:

  • Satellite Payload
  • Satellite Ground Station

This transition has forced satellite operators to tightly integrate the ground and space. Although this site will focus on the ground station, it will be impossible to ignore the space developments.